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Aluminium Sealed Type Blind Rivet

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Sealed Type Blind Rivet

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Material: Stainless steel、Iron(steel)、Copper、Aluminium

Diameter(mm): Φ3.0、Φ3.2、Φ4.0、Φ4.8、Φ6.4

Length(mm): 5- 30

Head Type: Dome head、Countersunk

Standard: GB; DIN7337

a. Main products,price competitive

b. Compare with open end blind rivet, its bigest advantage is fullysealed, waterproof.

Sealed type ALU-(ST/A2) blind rivet production standard

DIA L Flange dia (max) Head thickness (max) P Tensile≥N Tensile Shear≥N Shear
3.2(+0.08/-0.15)mm L+0.8mm 6.7 1.3 ≥28mm 1250 1050
4.0(+0.08/-0.15)mm L+0.8mm 8.4 1.7 ≥28mm 2150 1550
4.8(+0.08/-0.15)mm L+0.8mm 10.1 2.0 ≥28mm 3050 2200
6.4(+0.08/-0.15)mm L+0.8mm 13.4 2.7 ≥28mm 4900 4000

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